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The TruHearing Program includes:
  • A national network of more than 4,000 licensed hearing aid professionals
  • Selection of more than 90 digital hearing aids (over 400 styles)
  • Savings of up to $1,300 per hearing aid compared to retail pricing
  • 120 batteries for only $39,
    conveniently delivered to your door

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You & Your Family Save

As a member of Asuris Northwest Health, you have access to the TruHearing program which provides low, straight-forward pricing on hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

No gimmicks or tricks, just great personal service and deep savings compared to national average retail prices.

Savings and Service is Where We Start

“Hearing aids are too expensive.”

We hear it all the time, and we agree. That's why TruHearing has partnered with Asuris Northwest Health—to make hearing aids more affordable and accessible.

Through TruHearing, you can save an average of $890 per hearing aid compared to retail—That's $1,780 per pair!

Satisfaction Built In

We take time to answer your questions and understand your options. Then we schedule you with a hand-selected provider, and stand by you every step of the way.

We guarantee satisfaction with a 45-day risk free trial with every purchase. We even throw in an extended 3-year manufacturer's warranty, which includes one-time loss and damage coverage.

Our selection of over 90 top models from five leading manufacturers gives options to fit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.


Did You Know:

If you have a covered hearing aid benefit through Asuris Northwest Health, you can combine TruHearing prices to maximize savings! Call the number on the back of your health plan membership card to see if you have a covered hearing benefit.

(877) 386-4040

Watch our short 2 minute introduction to the TruHearing program.

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